Club 55+

Club 55+ is a twice monthly club for everyone aged somewhere around 55 or more. Conversation, activities, visiting speakers, barbecues, cream teas, outings and more are on offer between 2.00 and 4.30 on Monday afternoons. If you fit into this age group, please come and join us!

As well as providing ministry and support to the older members of our church, the over 50s at St Cuthbert’s are very active in the church – providing ministry and support to people of all ages. ‘People in their prime’ are encouraged to join in fully with the life and work of the church and many of our groups and activities would not run without the support of our older members.

To find out more about Club 55+, visiting or home communion – or if you are a ‘person in your prime’ and want to know how you can get involved in the church, please contact Mike Newman on 0161 428 3983 or email:     



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